Over the last few years, a number of critical items were addressed in Park Township government.  Members of the public have called for greater access to information and knowledge on how decisions are made by the Board of Trustees and township management.  This page will act as a clearing house for the Township Manager’s weekly reports and updates to the board.   Sensitive material protected by the attorney client privilege or deemed exempt under the Freedom of Information Act will be redacted.  We hope that this will be a positive first step in creating a more open and transparent government.  We also recognize this will not be the last step in that process.  Additional conversation and debate will be facilitated on this issue with the Board of Trustees.

It is an honor to serve the Citizens of Park township.  Park Township is a thriving community and we will do our part to continue a tradition of excellence in our community.

Managers Reports:
11/20/20   Related Documents:  Email Regarding Bowerman’s Application

Chamber Quit Claim Deed / Airport Property:
Over the next few days, we will be uploading information and files regarding the Chamber Quit Claim Deed / Airport Property.  If you are having trouble opening attachments contained in the PDF, Download the file to your local computer.  Then click on the attachments contained within the PDF.
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The Reserve on Lake Macatawa PUD / Boat Docks:
Memo, EGLE Submission, and Report for The Reserve
(note: this item will be on the February 11, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting agenda)
Recent correspondence from Covenant Five:
Covenant Five – Letter to Township Regarding ROLM Boat Docks