Park Township and McKenna have completed Phase 1 and 2 of the former airport site community input. During Phase 1, comments were received from over 200 residents on the Township’s online engagement platform, as well as in remote engagement booths set up throughout the Township.  In Phase 2, we obtained feedback from ideas generated from Phase 1 through community workshops, both in person and over Zoom.  The results to date can be viewed here.  We are grateful for our resident’s participation, and will be moving forward to Phase 3 in spring 2022.  This phase will be known as the “Alternatives Development Phase”.  Ideas received during the first two phases will be narrowed down, and three potential futures for the site will be rendered visually by the project’s landscape architecture consultant, OCBA.  Those alternatives will be evaluated by the public through workshops, engagement booths, and at

The final Phase 4 will take place in summer/fall 2022.  It will allow residents to again evaluate the final concept, in an effort to create a “Final Consensus Vision”.