Plan Review

Most building permits require construction plans and documents to be submitted for review prior to the issuing of permits.
These plans should be as detailed as possible. It is much easier to correct code violations on paper than after construction has begun.

Number and type of plans to be submitted:

  1. Commercial:  Three (3) complete, architecturally sealed sets
  2. Residential 3500 square feet or greater:  Three (3) complete, architecturally sealed sets
  3. Residential under 3500 square feet:  Two (2) sets

All building plans are to be scaled and include the following:

  1. Survey or site plan showing all property lines, buildings and distances of new structures to the property lines.
  2. Floor plans, showing uses (room by room). If the plans are for an addition or alteration, the existing floor plans must be shown. All structural components such as beams and bearing walls as well as other code related components such as egress windows, smoke detectors, etc. should be clearly shown on the floor plans.
  3. At least one cross section from footing to roof. All components of the foundation, floor, wall and roof should be clearly identified. If there are stairs involved in the project, a separate cross section of the stairs showing the profile including rise/run, handrails and guardrails should be provided.