February 28, 2019

From: Gerald (Jerry) Hunsburger, Park Township Supervisor, Park Township, Ottawa County

RE: Status/update on the Airport Vision Committee Report and Community Input Survey for the AirPark Plan


The Vision Committee Report (92 pages) was received by the Board and has been posted on the Township website for several weeks. Residents have been asked to review the Report and offer comments.  There is a link directly to the Board to receive comments and ideas.

The Board received an email with a “draft” version (still work in progress) of a Power Point presentation that attempts to summarize the Vision Committee Report in 14 slides (visuals with audio voice over). This short version option is for those that are not able to take the time to review the 92 page report. It is intended to provide residents with concepts suggested by the Vision Committee. They will be asked in the surveys if they support the concepts, or how they would improve on the Vision Plan, or allow them to suggest other options that should be considered. This document is intended to be factual and NOT intended as a marketing piece or to “sell” the Vision Plan. (More information below).


At the Feb. 14 Board meeting the Board voted unanimously to contract with EPIC-MRA (John Cavanagh) to conduct a professional survey of our community regarding their views on the concepts in the Vision Document, and other options that residents may want the Board to consider for the 80 acres.

The main items contracted for with EPIC-MRA were:  

  1. Complete a phone survey (scientifically valid, random sample, etc.) of our residents.
  2. To conduct a mail survey (responses via internet). Each resident address would receive a mailing encouraging their participation in an “on-line” survey regarding the Vision Plan and other options.
  3. Provide the Board with an analysis of the data obtained, with a detailed breakdown.

 3. Way Forward

The Park Township Board is looking for detailed and specific direction from our residents prior to making any decisions on the future use of the 80 acres. The EPIC-MRA surveys are intended to provide information that can help the Board determine the direction desired by our residents.

EPIC-MRA is in the process of formulating the phone survey questions. The survey will provide some information from the Vision Committee report and ask for responses/reactions to specific concepts.  Additionally, the survey will ask residents if they have “other ideas” or options that they believe should be considered for use of the 80 acres.

EPIC-MRA requested that we assign one person that they could work with as the survey questions are developed.  The Supervisor asked Jim Gerard to be the contact person, and he agreed to take on that responsibility. By consensus the Board appointed Dr. Gerard to this role. 

Board members were asked to submit to Dr. Gerard any questions they would like considered for inclusion in the survey. Jim Gerard will direct them to EPIC-MRA for possible inclusion.

EPIC-MRA agreed that a “draft” of the survey will be reviewed with the Board prior to the actual survey being conducted.

John Cavanaugh agreed to review and edit the 14 slide power point “draft” (see #1 above) to ensure that the information is a NEUTRAL AND FACTUAL document. Once he has completed that task, the Board will have an opportunity to review this presentation. If approved by the Board, it would be used on the Township website as a communications tool for those that do not wish to read the currently posted 92 page Vision Committee Report. At this point, no Community Meetings, presentations, or printed materials are planned as EPIC-MRA does not want interference with their objective survey process.

TIMELINE:  It is estimated that the proposed survey questions, and the draft of a power point, could be reviewed by the Board by no later than our April 11th Board meeting. Once this is done, the phone survey could take place by approximately the end of April, followed by the “on-line” survey.


Contact Supervisor Jerry Hunsburger or Manager Howard Fink.

NOTE: This important project is a “work in progress” and is subject to change as determined by the Board.  Therefore, it is possible that some of the above details and timelines will change as directed by the Board.

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