Park Township Neighborhood Input and analysis Plan.  We want to hear from you!!

For Immediate Release:  5/18/17

Contact:           Jerry Hunsburger, Supervisor, Park Township and/or Jeff Pfost, Planning Commission Chair, Park Township

The Planning Commission recommended and the Board of Trustees recently passed a comprehensive Master Plan for Park Township.  Years in the making, this document is the culmination of research and effort by many individuals and groups.   Within the plan, there are six specific neighborhoods, identified as Neighborhood Heritage Preservation (NHP) areas designated for additional planning and analysis. The Board of Trustees and Planning Commission has committed that the Macatawa area will be the first to undergo this analysis.

We want to hear from the Macatawa Residents before we craft the language and zoning ordinances to protect this historic gem.  We are working on a process to gather input from the Macatawa Residents.  The goal is to delineate the planning vision for all the affected NHP neighborhoods to ensure that the resident’s concerns and ideas are considered.

In the next few weeks, the process will be released in detail.  In the meantime, we have summarized the key points that you can expect to be included:

  • Professional facilitators will be retained to help secure valuable feedback.
  • We anticipate holding community / participatory meetings to gather input from residents on what the community desires from a planning and development scenario as we work to preserve and protect the rights of the existing cottages owners.
  • A GENUINE desire to rebuild trust with the public on the behalf of Park Township Board Members, Planning Commission Members, and Staff.

Additional information and details will be forthcoming on the planning process and regarding the time, location and dates of community meetings.  For those who are unable to attend specific community meetings for their area, we will be developing additional mechanisms and opportunities to provide input.

The Master Planning update process has been a long journey.  The Board of Trustees and Planning Commission are committed to creating a plan for each neighborhood that protects each of the NHP designated areas in consideration of their unique character and historic nature.  We are all hopeful this process will lead to a collaborative and successful vision and practical outcome.  There are many challenges and we hope you will work to assist us.