Date: March 12th 2019
From: Nick Bonstell, Director Ottawa County Emergency Management (Tel. 616-638-7760)
To: Local and Area News Media
Subject: Outdoor Warning Siren Test Schedule


The monthly outdoor warning siren test for communities in Ottawa County will begin on Friday April 5th, at 12:00pm. These tests occur on the first Friday of every month, April through October, with the exception of August.

Outdoor warning sirens represent only one part of a broader public emergency notification system. Other components include: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) All-Hazards Weather Radio, law enforcement, emergency management, text notification networks, private sector meteorologists and the media. Outdoor Warning Sirens are used to alert citizens of an imminent hazard, and prompt them to find shelter and seek further information.

Smartphone apps are available that will provide notification of weather watches and warning.

Severe weather WATCH means the potential exists for the development of storms and/or tornadoes, so be mindful of changing weather conditions.

Severe weather WARNING means that storms are imminent, or actively occurring.

If a Tornado Warning is issued, take shelter in a location on the lowest level of a building, such as the basement or in a small windowless room at the innermost part of the building.

 Identify safe rooms that may serve as a protective location during a storm event.
 Build an emergency kit, as well as a communication plan for your family.
 Be alert and remain situationally aware to changing weather conditions
 Subscribe to Ottawa County Emergency Alerts through your Smart911 profile.
After the Storm
 Listen to local officials for updates and instructions.
 Check-in with family and friends using text or social media outlets.
 Watch for debris and downed power lines.
 Photograph the damage to your property for damage assessment.
 Check and restock emergency supply kits.

Michigan Severe Weather Awareness Week is March 24th – 30th. More information on severe weather can be found here at

2019 Warning Siren Test Schedule

  • Friday, April 5th
  • Friday, May 3rd
  • Friday, June 7th
  • Friday, July 5th
  • Friday, August 9th (Due to Coast Guard Festival)
  • Friday, September 6th
  • Friday, October 4th