We completed our ISO (Insurance Services Office) Evaluation at the end of July!  The township was awarded an Insurance Classification of 04/4Y, which is an improvement on the previous evaluation.  This score is based on the ISO inspector’s evaluation of Park Township’s fire suppression abilities and water infrastructure.  Fire Department staff spent countless hours preparing for this evaluation.  The ISO investigator, who spent three days with us, reviewed every aspect of our fire operations, apparatus, equipment, pumping capacity, training, training records, personnel, procedures, etc…  The lower the numbers, the better for you, as this classification directly affects the premiums you pay for residential/commercial insurance.  Insurance companies differ on how this score effects your homeowner/business premiums.  Please contact your insurance provider for further information.

Classification results will take effect on March 1, 2018.

Have a great winter and let’s not meet by accident.  Chief Scott Gamby