Contact: Park Township Utilities Department
399-4520 or 738-4237
sbarkel@parktownship.org (not for emergencies)

Emergency Telephone Number
To report water line breaks after hours, please call (616) 355-1500.

General Information

The Utilities Department staff is responsible for quarterly billing of Park Township water customers, as well as determining special assessments and issuing permits for new water and sewer hook-ups in the township.  The Utilities Department also assists residents who are interested in establishing new water and/or sewer districts.  We maintain records of water and sewer hook-ups, special assessment histories, and water account histories.  This information is available to the public through our office.

For information regarding hook-up to either municipal water or sewer, please contact the Park Township Utilities Department at 399-4520 or 738-4237.

Water and Sewer Billing Information

Park Township water bills are mailed quarterly on the following dates:

  • January 15 (Due Date – February 15)
  • April 15 (Due Date – May 15)
  • July 15 (Due Date – August 15)
  • October 15 (Due Date – November 15)

Water Usage Rates

  • Water Ready to Serve Charge Per Month
    5/8″ Meter                   $12.00
    1″ meter                      $20.00
    1 1/2″ meter                $40.00
    2″ meter                      $60.00
    3″ meter                      $90.00
    6″ meter                      $144.00
    $2.51 per 1000 Gallons
  • Park Township residents east of Pine Creek receive their water bills from Holland Charter Township.
  • South side Park Township residents receive their water bills from Holland Board of Public Works.
  • All Park Township residents with municipal sewer service are billed by either Holland Charter Township on the north side of the township, or Holland Board of Public Works on the south side.