Tot Time

Contact: MaryAlice Ritsema, Director
Phone: 616/566-3752

Instructors and other contacts

M.W./M.W.F. teacher, Beth Monhollon

T.Th. teacher, Julie Hedges

Music teacher, Vonnie Ritsema

Ottawa County Health Department,616-396-5266

Family Independence Agency, 616-394-7200

Department Overview

Mission Statement:  Tot Time, licensed by the Family Independence Agency, is a cooperative pre-school which promotes the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social growth of young children, ages three and one-half through five. The program is based on knowledge of child development and assessment of individual needs and interests and uses a hands-on approach.

General Information

Location: Tot Time sessions are held at the Park Township Community Building at the Fairgrounds.

Admission Requirements: Tot Time registration is open to children ages three and one-half to five years without limitation or specification regarding gender, physical or mental condition, or ethnic, racial, economic background on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rota-duty: A parent/guardian of each enrollee is required to serve rota-duty approximately three times each semester.

Tuition: Tot Time’s current tuition is $165 for the two-day sessions; $248 for the three-day session.  A $40 annual activity fee is also assessed.

Prospective Enrollees Visitation: Parents and prospective enrollees are welcome to visit the program when it is in session on site.  No appointment is necessary.

Refund policy: Children may be withdrawn at any time by notifying the Director.  In case of withdrawal, tuition will be refunded based on the following scale: during the first week, $55/80; during the second week, $45/70; during the third week, $35/60; during the fourth and successive weeks, no refund.

Cancellations: Tot Time will be closed whenever West Ottawa Schools has a weather cancellation.  Local TV and radio stations carry the closings beginning at 6:30 a.m.  Sessions lost due to weather or mechanical equipment failure will not be rescheduled.

Field Trips: Field trips are offered as enrichment activities; participation, of course, is optional.  Parents are responsible for transportation whenever Tot Time meets at a location other than the Center.