Burn Permit Request Form

From the DNR:  Burn permits suspended across Michigan due to COVID-19

Open Burning: Requirements for open burning are regulated by State Law or local ordinances.

• Have water available at all times
• Burn only in calm weather (winds < 10mph)
• Do not burn on roads or bike paths
• Do not leave the fire unattended at any time
• Burn in small piles
• Completely extinguish your fire by 9pm.

You are NOT allowed to burn (even in a burning barrel):
• Leaves (including pine cones & acorns) and yard waste such as grass clippings, weeds, etc.
• Dune grass or any type of ornamental grass
• Household waste (trash, garbage, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.)
• Construction materials (2x4s, plywood, boards, carpet, plastic, roofing materials, etc.)
• Any type of structure or building for the purpose of demolition
• Commercial or industrial waste products
• Any other material that would cause a public nuisance