We are noticing electric bikes on Park Township’s bike path system.  As a reminder, it is stated in our ordinance that the use of motor vehicles is prohibited.  This includes electric motors.  The ordinance states “A front-wheel-drive, power-assisted bicycle having a motor which produces 1.5 brake horsepower or less shall be permitted on a sidewalk or path when not using the power assistance.”  The ordinance also states “A person operating a bicycle on a sidewalk or path shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing a pedestrian.” To view the full details of this ordinance go to https://www.ecode360.com/28456305

A permanently disabled person may qualify for a disability permit for limited use of a motor assisted vehicle on the bike path system.  The permit may be issued for electric powered wheel chairs and carts or electric personal assistive mobility devices.  Commercial vehicles, motor bikes or gasoline powered golf type carts are not eligible.  An Application for a Disability Use of Bike Path must be completed and signed by the applicant and his/her physician.  Permits granted are only valid for the calendar year in which they are issued.