About 21 miles of the Park Township bike path system will be getting crack sealed starting around September 14.  The contractor performing this work will be Pittman Asphalt Maintenance. Pittman Asphalt Maintenance will be accessing the path with pick-up trucks to clean cracks and then fill with a melted rubber product. The product usually sets fairly quickly, but residents should still take caution to avoid touching fresh crack filler while the crews are still onsite. They will fill all the small cracks in the work area first and then come back and fill the larger cracks with a mix of asphalt and rubber to give a smoother, finished surface. Residents will not need to be worried about driveway access – the contractor will maintain access for vehicles in and out of driveways during the work.

The pathway getting crack sealed this year will be along portions of the following roads, or click here to view a map.

    • New Holland Street
    • Butternut Drive
    • Ransom Street
    • 168th Avenue
    • 160th  Avenue
    • Quincy Street
    • Lakeshore Drive
    • Ottawa Beach Road
    • Lake Street
    • 152nd Avenue
    • Post Avenue
    • 144th Avenue
    • South Shore Drive
    • 32nd Street
    • 1st Avenue
    • Saunders Avenue